urban wildlife, photography


This week, I went to check on the foxes again, but this time I was looking for the cubs. There's an area where the three of them sometimes like to hang out in the early evening, where I think they must be fed by the local residents as they definitely seem to be waiting for something. I lay down on the floor to take some pictures from a distance with my long lens, but after a couple of minutes, they started to get curious and slowly shuffled over to investigate.

As they were coming so close, I changed to my wide lens to try and get some close-up portraits with a bit more background context, but as they got closer, the boldest one frustratingly kept heading towards my left side, so it was pretty difficult to get him in front of my camera. I realised he must have been sniffing at the taste the difference pastrami New York club sandwich in my jacket pocket, so I quickly put it under my chin to see if he would come any closer...

He must be a big pastrami fan, as he came right over and showed very little fear. He wasn't even phased by my flash, so it allowed me to try some different things and get some really nice portraits of him. What a character!

After taking my pictures, I packed up and watched them for a while. They soon got bored and forgot about me when they realised I wasn't big on sharing. It was great to watch them play and squabble and get an idea of their individual characters. This one definitely thinks he's boss! At least until the adults show up ;)

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