My wildlife adventures in Bristol and beyond by Sam Hobson

BBC Wildlife Magazine have enlisted a team of 20 people from across the UK to keep and share a journal of their wildlife experiences in 2014.

The chosen group have a wide range of interests and backgrounds, but are tied together by their love for nature and their local wildlife patches - be that in the suburbs of south England or the highlands and islands of Scotland.

I will be documenting the wildlife I encounter on my travels through Bristol's urban jungle and will try to show that you can find discovery and adventure right on your doorstep, even in the centre of the city.

I'll also be blogging during my travels. Amongst other things, this year I'll be looking for the phantom of the forest - the goshawk, in the city centre and hopefully chasing musk oxen around mountain-tops. But whether on tarmac or tundra, I always take the local-patch mentality with me. No matter where I am, I find that getting to know the small stuff on my doorstep - birds in the back garden or insects buzzing around my hotel balcony, helps me to get in tune with a place and makes me feel at home whenever I'm away.

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